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  2. We are a graphic design studio. It's great to meet you.

    We create thoughtful branded experiences across all things digital: Logo design, websites, brand identities & UX / UI design. We help brands & businesses find their voice and communicate with their target audience with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

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  3. Brew (District Hall) Eloqua The Painted Burro Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar Kika Tapas Restaurant Cobb Hill by New Balance Beat Hotel, Cambridge MA Terrat Elms Interior Design Gather Boston Cultural Council The Boston Shaker Redd's in Rozzie Restaurant Dunham by New Balance Farmer's Market Kitchen Catering Co. The Beehive Club & Restaurant State Park, Cambridge, MA


    • APM Sports
    • Society on High
    • BBQ Smith
    • Beehive
    • Canary Square
    • Cobb Hill
    • The Gallows
    • Jack of all Graces
    • Lineal Inc.
    • PH Koules Consulting
    • Redds in Rozzie
    • Boston Art Commission
    • Boston Shaker
    • Farmers Market Kitchen
    • Learning Games Network
    • Merchant
    • Hungry Mother
    Our Clients


    The Beehive
    Hungry Mother
    Highland Kitchen
    Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks
    The Liberty Hotel
    The Painted Burro
    The Gallows
    Redd's in Rozzie
    Kika Tapas
    Mamma Maria
    The Briar Group
    Society on High
    Canary Square
    Toscano Restaurant
    BBQ Smith


    Eloqua by Oracle
    Syncopation Software
    CDG Environmental
    Battenfeld Technologies


    Cobb Hill by New Balance
    Dunham by New Balance
    Drydock Footwear Group
    The Boston Shaker
    APM Sports
    e.scott originals
    Muse Paintbar


    Fidelity Investments
    PRTM / Waltham
    The MBA Tour
    Rodale Publishing
    Duncan Hughes Interiors
    Terrat Elms
    Seegel Lipshutz & Lo
    Podziba Policy Mediation
    Ashling, Inc
    PH Koules Consulting
    Lineal, Inc
    Vision Systems
    Beantown Financial
    KDSA Consulting
    Strut Branding
    Bold Everything Interactive


    Boston Art Commission
    Boston Cultural Council
    Mayor's Office, City of Boston
    Greater Boston Food Bank
    Harvard Advocate

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  5. Who We Are

    We are a design-obsessed, technology-savvy team of web gurus and brand honchos, dedicated to creating outstanding branded solutions to real-world business problems. Our work is built around a close-knit relationship with our clients: understanding, listening & asking questions are as important to us as designing, planning & coding beautiful websites.

    We believe that good design is good for business, and that design has a major impact on the way users & customers perceive, and respond to, the brands they interact with daily. We help brands express themselves via creative solutions for the web...and beyond.

    Adam Gesuero
    Partner & Creative Director

    Beth Gesuero
    Partner & Art Director

    Suzanne Lewis
    Lead Web Designer

    Greg Opperman
    Lead Developer

    Shannon Regan
    Graphic Designer

    Mona Johany
    Project Manager

    Stuff We're good at

    • Branding
    • Identity Systems
    • Logo Design
    • Art Direction
    • Online & Social Strategy
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Web Design
    • Web Development
    • UX / UI Design
    • Responsive Design
    • Content Management Systems
    • Mobile Platforms

    Our Process


    Our first step is to talk with you, listen to what your goals are, answer your questions, and then develop a strategy & plan of action. This stage provides the foundation that will guide the project from start to finish.

    Our Discovery strategy informs our creative process: we brainstorm & develop concepts that strengthen & communicate your goals, and work with you to refine and push each concept to completion.

    The final step is unveiling our new creation to the world: developing & launching websites, crafting style guides, implementing new interfaces. This is where all of the hard work produces tangible results.


    Our philosophy: Strategy, Creativity, and Technology

    What are We Talking About?

    Are You a Web Designer? Because We’re Hiring One.

    Can you tell the difference between Avenir and Open Sans? Are you any good at using a laptop while reclining? Do you hate columns that don’t align perfectly? Does the phrase “fluid layout” get you excited? If you answered yes

    9 web design trends unfolding in 2014

    With 2014 well underway, I wanted to share with you some thoughts, predictions, theories and flat-out guesses as to what we have to look forward to in the world of web design in the coming months: MOBILE-INSPIRED UI More and

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